Wednesday, January 13, 2010

PDP 11/34a + Data Systems Design (DSD) 880-120 + RL02 + DSD twin floppy system, 110/430

One full size (H960)rack cabinet containing (from the top down) -

DEC PDP-11 crest
Telebyte TDX 1/2" tape drive
PDP-11/34A w/ full programmer's console
Data Systems Design (DSD) 880-120
homebrew connector panel
Wesperline I/O unit

One "corporate highboy" cabinet (VAX style)

RLO2 drive
BA11-KE chassis

non-racked items -

2nd RLO2 drive
DSD twin floppy system, 110/430

additionally -

8 disk packs + "pack rack"
several boxes of 8" floppies, including an install set for RT-11 V5.1c,
configured by Cambridge Digital, dated 1984

card inventory (by chassis slot) -

- 11/34A (chassis marked 11/34A XX)
(1) M8266 control module (KD11-EA)
(2) M8265 datapath module (KD11-EA)
(3) M8267 floating point (FP-11A)
(4) M7859 programmer cons (KY11-LB)
(5) M8268 cache board (KK11-A)
(6) M7801 data word cntrl (MC11) [I think I must have misread the card
number and this is really M7891, 128KW MOS RAM, but I haven't yet verified
(9)<->(11) M9202 backplane jumper
(12)DSD 808830 controller for DSD 880-120
(13)DILOG DU130 tape controller
(14)M7865) SLU+RTC (DL11-W)

- BA-11-KE
(3) M7860 parallel I/O (DR11-C)
(5)&(6) MSP-3/A, MSP-3/C Computer Design Assoc. boards
(8) M7762 RL02 disk controller (RL11)
(9)<->(11) M9202 backplane jumper
(12)&(13) MDP-3/M CDA boards (includes 4 AMD 2903 SuperSlice chips)


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  1. nice system. did anyone tried to read out the diskpacks and see whats on them?


  2. I have BA11KE and I am trying to get it up and running for a simulator we are working on. The power supply is bad, I am missing some voltages, can anyone give me some info on this power supply. My email address is Would appreciate the help, Thanks